30 May

SLO Opt Climbing Gym

28 Nov
Climbing has become an ever popular sport. In San Luis Obispo, California there is a SLO Op Gym, for climbers of all skill levels and ages to come enjoy the bolding, community, and love.    The gym features about 4500 square feet of warehouse with an estimated 5000 linear feet of climbing wall space that goes from 16′ to 18′ feet with top out walls for most of it. The gym also has rings, a slack line, and a full weight room. There is a variety of styles, techniques and routes to tryout for yourself.

Lesson I Have learned but I do not know about if I loved

26 Nov

This is my second year as a journalism student and at first I could not wait to switch out of this major however this class has reassured me that journalism was the right major to choose. The class I am in has been very demanding and requires a lot of work, but every assignments and lecture has taught me something valuable that i need to know regardless of my major or future job.  This blog has taught me a lot about what it means to be a journalist and about the work that journalists put into every sentence they may write. Overall I thought my blog was good but I would not call it great, any view I have is a blessing and a miracle. In the beginning I thought the topic I chose was really interesting, but for this class it was definitely not the right topic to choose. I went out side my comfort level by choosing this beat, but think the best topics to cover for this class would to have done a fitness or DIY blog of some kind. I thought my beat would be more like talking to elderly people and writing about the stories they told me but it was completely the opposite and I had a hard time sticking to the overall theme every assignment. to critique my own blog I would say that there is a lot of excess writing, I am disappointed in the photographs I took, and my topic was a bit of a stretch.

“It was a really creative idea, even though it didn’t get a lot of traffic it was interesting and captivating for those who did see it,” my fellow peer, Larissa Olsen said. To improve my blog she gave me the advice to use more tags and to edit my posts more. I would completely agree. I did not realize how much editing and detail went into maintaining a blog.

“I think the layout was really clean, and I liked your beat topic it was really interesting to read about. It also was easy to read and the pictures were really good,”Zoe Michelson.”I think you could improve on better link and more interesting headings. Work on getting the headings and to grab the readers attention.

“This blog has a nice overall look and has the potential to engage readers into something out of the ordinary,” Denzel Quarterman said.”Improvements I would suggest are to be spend more time on the assignments and to hone in on the topic you are covering. It came across little unorganized at times.

“I love how the entire blog reflects the theme of the beat and I also like the incorporation of black and white pictures into the posts because it makes it more authentic,”Alexis Chetcuti said.  Suggestions would to add more pictures and more story-like blog posts.

It is the end of the quarter and I only have one more assignment left, but I am going to create a photography blog. Thank you for viewing and “liking” my posts throughout this quarter!

Top 4 tech tools to Help Seniors

19 Nov

Being Active is an important aspect of healthy live, and technology these days has a steady influence on how active someone is. Technology is more accessible to a younger generation and being active is a lot easier when someone is 20 compared to 60 or 70. Technology does not discriminate but there is a certain level of accessibility to certain ages. Young kids these days know how to work iPads, iPhones,tablets, and all sorts of gaming technology and so can the older generation.

1. Kindles and iPads : They are light weight which makes it easy to hold compared to a heavy book. According to an article on the Daily Mail,”Old people read faster than normal on an iPad, even though most claim to prefer ‘real books’, a study shows.” Also a review of a kindle on a blog says that kindles are great tools to give to kids and elderly people, also that it’s very obvious to people where to go for whatever it is they want to do as the overall layout and distribution of services is easy to understand.

2. Cell phone designed for senior, jitterbug is a cell phone that is accesible to older people becasue the numbers are bigger.

3.  Heart Rate monitors that are watches, Heart rate monitor watches are a great solution for active seniors who are engaging in an exercise or other physical training program,because they can keep in touch with how they’re doing at any given moment.
4. Videogames: Initially when you think of video games you think of teenagers playing halo, but games made for the Wii or Kinect are great for seniors in homes because it is physically engaging and they can play with peers or grandchildren.

To help older generations become better acquainted and educated in using technology there are computer classes offered. Three tips to help teach technology to older generations are to first sign them up, or take time to show the, do not belittle them or pressure them, and know the limits they have and understand their goals.


Happy Veterans Day !

14 Nov

Veterans Day is a national holiday which occurs on November 11, 2012 (the legal public holiday for Veterans Day), but for most Federal employees, Monday, November 12, will be treated as a holiday for pay and leave purposes. It is more than a random day off in November and to Cal Poly student Alexis Chetcuti, “Veterans day is a day to commemorate the people who have given the most so that we can have the freedom and other liberties we do.”

Students agree it is an important holiday regardless of the extra time off from school.

“Veterans Day to me means a day of honoring those who have risked and sacrificed their lives to protect our freedoms,” Arron Bandler said.

It is important to give a shout out and say “thank you” to any age veteran. Whether they fought in World War II or in Iraq, every veteran will appreciate the gratitude expressed. They fought for everyone and for freedom, so any “thank you” is the least anyone could do.

As appreciation and act of gratitude restaurant and stores show their support. There are tons of different discounts and freebies given out on Veterans Day to veterans and non veterans. For example go into subway on november 11 and receive a free six inch sub. Also in honor of Veterans Day, SUBWAY® will donate $111,112 to the Wounded Warrior Project‘s economic empowerment program.

Besides no school, free food, and discounts Veterans Day goes beyond government and it’s opinions.

“Veterans Day is about supporting the people who fight/have fought for our country whether we agree with the war or not,” Torey Harmon said.

Even though some people might not agree with the politics of war and war itself, Veterans day is not about that, it solely is to show the appreciation to our brave veterans, and pay homage to the one thats lost their lives fighting.

“Veterans day — once meant honoring those who fought for our sovereignty, our constitution, our personal freedoms,” Nick Loporchio said. “I really feel now it’s a hyped up holiday to encourage people to get over zealous about our troops almost blinding them into making it a taboo to question the legitimacy of the American military, their actions and our military industrial complex.”

Regardless of political views, don’t forget to say “thank you” to a veteran this Veterans Day, and or if you missed the chance, its never too late to late to show appreciation and say a simple “thank you.”

Shakespeare Press Museum Open for Business

7 Nov

Shakespeare Press Museum at Cal Poly started out as a donation that turned into a project now it is weekly run student activity and a special event to attend.



Are you having a college experience, but your not a student?

7 Nov

San Luis Obispo over the years has evolved. Living in a college town when your not a student has benefits and also has negativities. This living situation is taking the “college experience” and giving it a whole new meaning. Local Residents express their opinions about San Luis Obispo and what it is like living in a college town when their college years are way behind them.